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Before Arc is an article about the history of electric arc and As we know how important arc welding is in today’s era, but a long effort has been made to invent it, and this was only possible when electricity was discovered.

The discovery of electricity is considered an important achievement in human history. Electric power is a natural power that has existed in the universe since early times. It is not a matter of invention but discovery. Before the arc, In 1752, Benjamin Franklin experimented with a kite in a storm. He flew a kite during thunder and collected ambient electric charge. This was the first experiment that came to light. This experiment paved the way for electricity in the future.
Discovery of electricity This is a complex subject who discovered electricity first. Alessandro Volta Volta was an Italian. He was born on 18 February 1745. He built the first battery, it was an important step in the path of steady current. The electric unit was named Volt in his honor. But arc welding was not existed until then. Conventional methods were used for welding metals at that time.

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In 1800, when Alessandro Volta proved, that electricity can be generated by chemical reactions also. in 1802, when
The discovery of Humphrey Davy (17 December 1778 – 29 May 1829) created a revolution, in the history of electricity, when he created an electric current flowing through a powerful battery, with a thin strip of platinum. The light (arc) reached up to the melting point. mine but this experiment remained theoretical until 1804. It was limited to generating arc light between two carbon electrodes. Up to 1897, he worked on the development of a lamp, for use in a coal mine. Progress Several important works have been done in the electric field till 1808, such as the invention of the first electric motor in 1821 By Michael Faraday. The theory of Ohm was presented in 1826 by George Simon Ohm). The rule regarding the magnetic field was introduced in 1831 by Michael Faraday.

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The electric relay was invented in 1836 by Joseph Henry. The Electric Telegraph was invented by Samuel Morse In 1878. The first electric lamp was invented by Joseph Swanke. Charles Brush developed an arc lamp.

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After many experiments.

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Thomas Edison invented the incandescent light bulb In 1879, which could be ignited for about 40 hours. By1880 their bulbs could be used for 1200 hours. The time from 1877 to 1880 was important for arc welding, in this cycle of development when electric dynamo and generators developed. Welding of metals through the carbon arc process could become possible from 1885 to 1887 when Bernardos and Olszewski got a patent for single carbon Arc welding. The cycle of development went on. Finally, in 1907, Oscar Kjellberg of Sweden got a patent for the Covered Electrode, but the result was not satisfactory at that time. In 1912 the strohmenger of USA used blue asbestos with sodium silicate for coating and the result of welding was quite good. In 1929, due to the untiring efforts of strohmenge, it started to be commercially used. Another important chapter added to arc welding was in 1928, when Alexander calmed for a patent for the use of carbon dioxide gas as shielding gas in America. TIG In 1930, Hobort / Devers got a patent for Tig welding. The first spot welding torch arrived in 1946, but before that in 1935. Submerged Arc Welding was introduced by Kennedy Rodermund & Jones. In 1948 MiG was introduced. Many other processes were invented later on like the FCAW welding process. FCAW welding process was a modified version of the MIG welding process, in this process, used flux cord(tubular) wire, inside with flux and alloy additions. In addition to flux minerals and Ferroalloys in the core can provide additional protection and composition control. the flux inside the wire provides the necessary shielding of the weld pool. Its use eliminates the need for gas shielding equipment and gas costs. plasma arc welding was invented and Patented in 1957 by the National Cylinder Gas Company. The friction welding process was introduced by Russia in 1956. Electro-slag welding came in 1958, and electro-gas welding came in 1961. Other recent developments in welding include the 1958 breakthrough of electron beam welding, making deep and narrow welding possible through the concentrated heat source.

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There are more than  90 welding processes are using with constant research on new metals in the field of nuclear, space and shipbuilding, oil fields, and many construction industries. Many modifications occurred in the 1980s and 1990 when welding moved from art to science with the help of developed organizations and advanced systems like ASTM, ASME, AWS, IS, and BS.

Future of arc

Thus we can say that the future of arc welding will be even brighter with the discovery of new technology and modified old technology.

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