Tools that are Most Essential for TIG welding

As we know that Tig Welding is a fusion welding process and the arc is generated by an electric power source, where many tools are required…

First in essential tools

Welding Machine

A welding machine is the first necessary device to provide a source of heat for welding operations. It can be a transformer aided welding machine or a rectifier that gives a constant direct current, it can also be a combustion engine. Either way, there are two types of power supplies produced by these welding machines such as AC (alternating current) and DC (direct current). Please check the link for details about the power sources.



Second in essential tools

Welding Torches

Welding torches carry the power source from the welding machine to the workpiece and provide sufficient heat for the base metal to fuse. Depending on the work, welding torches are generally used in two types, the first one is used for normal work. It is called air-cooled, it can be used easily up to 150-degree current. The second type of torch is water-cooled, in which the torch is kept cool through water circulation and is used for welding metals of greater thickness. In this, a water tank is used separately from which the water reaches the torch by a pipe and rotates from the head of the torch and goes back to the tank, due to which the torch does not get hot and it continues to work even at high current.

Third in essential tools 


The welding torch has some essential equipment like:

Tungsten or tungsten alloy

Tungsten is a non-melting metal used as an electrode. There are basically three types used in various base metals and processes such as pure tungsten, thoriated tungsten, zirconiated tungsten. A welding arc is produced between tungsten and base metal and sufficient heat is obtained for fusion.

Collet and collet body

The collet body is an essential part of the tig welding torch that is tightened through a thread in the head of the torch and holds the tungsten electrode firmly through its collet as required.

Torch head and nozzle

The head of the torch is attached to a handle that is used by the welding operator to hold it. Shielding gas flows from inside the head that reaches the weld pool through the nozzle and covers the weld pool from contamination of the atmosphere. The nozzle attached to the head has a different type which is used according to the gap of the joint.

High frequency

The high frequency, also known as the H.F, is a type of switch that performs the task of starting the torch.

Fourth in essential tools

Shielding Gasses

Shielding gases play an important role in the tig welding  operation, they usually protect the weld pool from atmospheric contamination and are also used as a purging in stainless steel, mainly shielding gases are as follows
Argon, Helium, Carbon dioxide, Nitrogen, Hydrogen, but argon gas is used more in Tig welding operation as it is more available and cheaper than other gases as well as the welding quality is maintained.




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