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Let’s say something about the “Weld world” before telling about us.

Weld World is feeling great to introduce this platform, which aims to provide unique information about welding technology to those who encounter difficulties in their daily work.

At Weld World, we try our best to present any fact with its original technology. For this, we take the help of various references and experts so that accurate information can be delivered to you. However, if any error remains, we apologize for that and your valuable suggestions are invited so that we can correct it.

Weldworld about us

We welcome you to weld world, where you can share your thoughts,  we will be happy to follow the suggestions you have shared. Let’s try to find some pearls from the ocean of knowledge

Our vision


Weld World is a completely non-profit platform, providing technical and basic information on essential issues related to welding and fabrication fields.

Weld World aims to highlight facts, issues, and the latest news from the relevant field. The documents and articles presented here are for educational purposes only.

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