Aluminum and Its Alloys
aluminum welding

Aluminum and Its Alloys: The best way of welding

Aluminum and Its Alloys Although aluminum is lightweight and low-strength metal, some aluminum alloys are becomes four times stronger than mild steel after alloying some ingredients. Characteristics of Aluminum and Its Alloys…

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Detonation gun spraying

Spraying system As discussed earlier, the spraying system is a process of coating the surface of the workpiece in various ways. In today's era, different types of spraying systems are being used…

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Plasma arc spraying

Plasm arc spray is a coating process wherein a powdered metal melts by high heat obtained through plasma arc and then carried out to the workpiece surface in a molten state by…

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Electric Arc Spraying

An electric arc spraying system is a popular coating method as it is comparatively more efficient and cheaper than other processes. This process is accomplished by melting the filler metal at a…

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Flame spray: Concept, and working process

Flame spray The flame spraying method is a type of thermal spray coating process, whereby, the material to be sprayed is used in two ways, either in powder or a wire form. …

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Metal Spraying

Metal spraying is a process whereby molten metal is applied in a form of a fine spray to the surface of the base metal. The molten metal binds completely with the surface of the workpiece as a form of coating.

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