Welding positions: Weld Slope and Rotation

Welding Positions, Weld Slope and Rotation Topic covered What Is a Welding Position?What are the 4 welding positions?What is 1F 2F 3F 4F welding?What do 1G 2G 3G and 4G mean in…

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Explosive welding-History, Definition, and principle

Explosive welding belongs to the solid phase (state) welding process in which coalescence is affected by high-velocity agitation produced by a controlled explosion. History of explosive welding The origin of the explosive…

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Forge Welding

History of Forge Welding Forge welding is by far the most ancient known welding method, which has been practised for centuries. It is believed that it started with the discovery of metals…

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Percussion welding

Percussion welding is a type of resistance welding process. Coalescence in percussion welding is produced by high-temperature heat obtained from an arc produced by a rapid discharge of electrical energy. And the…

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Atomic Hydrogen welding

Atomic Hydrogen welding The atomic hydrogen welding process is an arc welding process wherein, welding is carried out by heating the work, with an electric arc between two tungsten electrodes. Hydrogen gas…

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