Stick electrode:codes, classification, and definition


Stick electrode

Stick electrode (used in manual metal arc / shielded metal arc welding) is a core wire in various sizes and thicknesses, over which the flux coating is coated.

Stick Welding

The stick welding process is usually defined as Manual Metal Arc Welding. In this method, stick electrodes are used to combine metals. Therefore, it is also called “stick welding”.

Stick Electrodes

For different metals, different grades of electrodes are manufactured according to their chemical composition such as: –

Base material P/Group No Filler  





Carbon steel (A53 A106) 1 ER70S‐2,S‐3, S5,
RG 60 , 65
E6010 Root
E 6013,E7015
Carbon steel(A333 Gr. 1/6) 1 ER 70S‐1B E7018 G E7018
Low and Intermediate
Alloy Steel
3/A335 P1 ER 70S‐1B E7010‐A1
3/A335 P2         — E8018‐B1 E8016‐B1
4/A335 P11 ER515 E6016‐B2 E8018‐B2
4/A335 P12
5/A335 P22 ER90S‐B3 E9016‐B3 E9018‐B3
5/A335 P5 ER80S‐B6 E8018‐B6   —
5/A335 P7 ER80S‐B8 E8018‐B7     —
5/A335 P9 ER80S‐B8 E8018‐B8    —
Stainless Steel 6 ER309 E309 E312
ER410 E410   —
7 ER309 E309 Eni Cr Fe‐3
ER430 E430 Eni Cr Fe‐3
8/A312 TP304 ER308 E308    —
8/A312 TP304L ER308L E308L   —
8/A312 TP304H ER16‐8‐2 E16‐6‐2 E308
8/A312 TP308 ER309 E309 E310
8/A312 TP310 ER310 E310   —
8/A312 TP316 ER316 E316 E16‐8‐2
8/A312 TP316L ER316L E316L E308 Mo L
8/A312 TP316H E16‐8‐2 E316 ER16‐8‐2
8/A312 TP317 ER317 E317   —
8/A312 TP321 ER347 E347  —
8/A312 TP321H ER16‐8‐2 E16‐6‐2 E347
8/A312 TP347 Er347 E347   —
8/A312 TP347H ER16‐8‐2 E16‐8‐2 E347
8/A312 TP348 ER348 E347L To346 E347
8/A312 TP348H ER16‐8‐2 E16‐8‐2 E347

Full chart about material composition and codes with p number/Group number and electrodes may be downloaded here:

Stick Electrode coding


The coding of electrodes provides information about the strength, constituents of flux coating, nature of slag, current, polarity, weld position, etc. 

As per AWS-ASTM, the coding of electrodes are as follows:

E XX     XX  Example  E 60 10

E –>  Electrode

XX–> The first two digits indicate the minimum tensile strength of weld metal in thousands of pounds per sq. Inch. such as 60*1000=60000 lbs./sq. Inch.

X–>Last but on digit indicates the welding position. It can be represented by numbers like 1,2, and 3 which indicates that welding can be performed in any position, flat and horizontal positions, and flat position respectively.

X–>The last digit tells about the power supply, type of cover, type of arc, penetration characteristics, etc, it maybe 0,1,2,3,5 or 6

tabel of electrodes last digit meaning chart as per american system





Table of the last digit of the electrode as per the American system

Down load full chart