Flame spray: Concept, and working process

Flame spray The flame spraying method is a type of thermal spray coating process, whereby, the material to be sprayed is used in two ways, either in powder or a wire form. …

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Metal Spraying

Metal spraying is a process whereby molten metal is applied in a form of a fine spray to the surface of the base metal. The molten metal binds completely with the surface of the workpiece as a form of coating.

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Surfacing of Materials

Surfacing of Materials Surfacing is the process of depositing filler metal on the surface of a workpiece to obtain desired properties or dimensions. In this method, the deposited filler metal forms an…

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Percussion welding

Percussion welding was invented by doctor Lewis Warrington ChubbPercussion welding is a type of resistance welding process wherein Coalescence is produced by high-temperature heat obtained from an arc.  The arc is produced…

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Atomic Hydrogen welding

Atomic Hydrogen welding The atomic hydrogen welding process is an arc welding process wherein, welding is carried out by heating the work, with an electric arc between two tungsten electrodes. Hydrogen gas…

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